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Guided Tours

... through the Bahamas and Caribbean

Fly the Caribbean - a dream many pilots never realise.
We are offering guided tours in the Bahamas and Caribbean. If you want to have the security and local knowledge of an experienced CFI next to you in your airplane, next to your airplane or flying in our Cessna 172 from island to island, then talk to us. We can create a tailor-made trip for you, including hotel reservations, excursions, etc.
We also can meet you anywhere you may want to start the journey. We follow you to make you more comfortable with navigating to and around the islands, local weather and dealing with customs regulations and paperwork.

Please contact us to plan the trip of a lifetime.


Trip Ideas

These are examples of possible trips. Of course, trips can be adopted to your and your friends/family needs.


Day1: San Juan TJIG to St.Martin TFFG 175Nm
Day2: St.Martin TFFG to Marie Gallant TFFM 168Nm
Day3: Marie Gallant TFFM to Bequia TVSB 172Nm
Day4: Bequia TVSB to Grand Anse TFFA 195Nm
Day5: Grand Anse TFFA to Anguilla TQPF 161Nm
Day6: Anguila TQPF to Anegada TUPA 80Nm
Day7: Anegada TUPA to San Juan TJIG 174Nm


Day1: Ft Lauderdale KFXE to Andros MYAN 157Nm

Day2: Andros MYAN to Staniel Cay MYES 81Nm

Day3: Staniel Cay MYES to Pitts Town MYCP 140NM

Day4: Pits Town MYCP to Exuma Int. MYEF 95Nm

Day5: Exuma Int. MYEF to Stella Maris MYLS 82 Nm

Day6: Stella Maris MYLS to Andros MYAF 154Nm

Day7: Andros MYAF to Ft.Lauderdale KFXE 157Nm

Discover some airports in the Caribbean

Landing videos

Touch & Goes in St Barths

Landing in St Thomas

Landing in Pittstown, Bahamas

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