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Edoardo Serra - CFI

"Few hours after my initial inquiry, Arno and I were on the phone making plans to get my CFI done.

Arno is a talented aviation professional, close and personal with every nut and bolt of his airplane and with thousand hours of real-life flying experience under his belt. He has a passion for teaching that translates into natural talent to get the best out of his students, at every level.

Nick helped greatly with the ground school and added a precious set of eyes to help me tune up some flying maneuvers.

I really felt Arno, Nick and I were on the same team committed to the same goal. Few days before the check-ride we had a mechanical issue that might have jeopardized the check-ride de facto delaying it indefinitely. Arno and team worked around the clock to get the airplane fixed in record time, and to make the scheduled check-ride date.

On top of that, the location is superb, and Arno is a great person to simply have a glass of wine with!

I’ll be back to get my CFI-I!"


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