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Flight Training


Private Pilot License

Learning can be fun

The Private Pilot license is your first certificate required whether you are
interested in pursuing a career as a pilot,  or just looking for the joy of flying. 
The education is split into 2 parts: ground and flight training.  
For ground training, you can take an Online Flight Training course.  Your flight instructor will spend time with you reviewing your ground training progress and will authorize you to take the FAA written test.

Flight training will be scheduled based on your and the flight instructors availability. The minimum flight time required by FAA is 40 hours.
 The cost of obtaining your Pilots License or any advanced rating is mostly determined by your flight time and instruction requirements.  Aircraft rental and instructors are billed by the hour, and this will determine the bulk of the overall cost for you to obtain your license.

​ There are a few additional costs: FAA Medical examination, the FAA Knowledge Test (written exam) and the cost of the FAA Flight Check-Ride at the end of your training.


Commercial Pilot Certification

Become professional pilot

The Commercial Pilots License opens new doors in your flying career. Earning your commercial pilot rating allows you to earn money by flying either with customers or for other professional needs.
Becoming a Commercial Pilot takes time and dedication, but the effort will be worth it as you will learn valuable skills that will help you to become a world-class pilot and a true professional in the growing field of aviation.


IFR Certification

Learn to fly with instruments

Getting your Instrument Rating added to your Pilot License is helping you to improve your skills as a pilot. It allows you to fly safely without outside references. An Instrument Rating opens new doors for you as a pilot: you are allowed to complete a flight in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) which are not legal for VFR pilots.
The statistics show that pilots with Instrument Rating are safer pilots.

Refresher Course

Get back in to flying

Rusty Pilots, get back into flying! Think you lost too much and forgotten everything? Afraid it’ll be like starting over? No worries, a refresher course will get you back in to the left seat fast. No Check ride required.
Come to the Caribbean on vacation with your family, spend time on one of the top beaches in our beautiful beach house and go fly with us, we bring you back up to speed.


Flight Review

Required every two years!

The flight review is required by Federal Aviation Regulations for all pilots who intend to act as Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft. It is a periodic assessment of the pilots flying skills and determines if any deterioration in areas that may adversely affect flight safety have taken place.
The review should be a proficiency evaluation, accomplished in an economical and expeditious manner while providing a learning experience, rather than the pres-sure of a checkride atmosphere.

The goal of the review should be established in a discussion between the pilot and flight instructor prior to beginning the review. This can be done by discussing the flight review’s basic content, including the elements to be covered in both the oral and flight portions. These elements should be understood by the pilot and the flight instructor prior to initiating any phase of the review.


CFI Training

Become a Instructor

If you're interested in becoming a flight instructor, then you're in luck — flight instructors are in high demand right now, and this particular career path is expected to remain in demand for quite a few years, according to some experts.
Pilots choose to become flight instructors for many reasons. For many, it's a dream job and a primary source of income. For others, it's the next step on the way to becoming a commercial pilot or an airline pilot. And for some, it's a hobby that they can enjoy as a side job or just for fun. Most — if not all — flight instructors will tell you that they learned more after becoming a certified flight instructor (CFI) than they knew going into it.
The FAA issues a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI) and a Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII) add-on certificate.
For your initial flight instructor certificate, the check ride is done with an FAA examiner. For the add-on instrument certificate, any designated examiner will do.

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